Professor Scott’s visit to our school!

On 25th January 2023, we had a talk at our school about the impact of gender and race on the political career. It was held by Jamil S. Scott, an assistant professor of Government at Georgetown University.

In her speech she addressed the problem of the unfairness going on all over the world: Some people having a much harder time reaching their political goals than others, simply because their skin is a different colour, or they belong to the opposite gender. She supported her statements with facts from 2021. In that year, the female rate in the US congress only was 26,4% – which is quite low. And in fact, there has never been a female black governor in any state at any point in history.

Jamil S. Scott also told us about the 2-party system in the US and the cost that comes with running for any political position. Her conclusion was that there was still a hard way in front of us and a lot of things to be done, but if everyone forms their own opinion and stands up for what they believe in, it is possible that one day, we will live in a world where everyone’s chances are the same. In the end, she gave us time to ask her some questions. We really enjoyed the opportunity to listen to this talk as it was very informative and inspiring