Biologie und Umweltkunde

I really enjoyed our english week although I was a bit...let´s say surprised that we will travel there by bus. In the end even the busride was very funny and a special experience that nobody of us will forget. My hostmum was a really nice and lovely woman which I was really happy about. The food was nice and my room was really small but very comfortable and cute. But I think the best thing was the trip to London although it was very very hot there. We did a kind of sightseeing-tour and that was really interesting. Like I have already mentioned I rally enjoyed our journey.
Susanna Hager

For me I really enjoyed our trip to Canterbury. It was really surprising because it turned out that we were going to go there by bus. But it was so much fun and it was a really special experience that we will never ever forget. When we arrived in Canterbury our hostmum was really welcoming and super friendly. She took good care of us. Our room was a little bit small but it was lovely decorated and cozy. Like I mentioned before I really enjoyed our trip to Canterbury. It definitely was an experience that I will never forget.
Stella Doktor